Raw honey couldn't BEE better.

Welcome to Couldn’t Bee Better where everything is un-bee-lievable!

Couldn’t Bee Better was founded as a “sweet” hobby with a simple principle in mind: producing fresh organic raw honey without the use of nasty chemicals.

Over twenty years ago my wife and I decided to keep our 3-acre suburban property purely organic. Once we decided to stop the use of all chemicals, we recognized that we needed to do something to improve the pollination of the many crops we wanted to grow….so, we began our “sweet” journey of keeping bees as a hobby for pollination.

Today, we are very experienced in keeping honey bees, nutrient-dense vegetable gardening plus growing medicinal and native plants organically. What began as a hobby for pollination has now become a passion of making raw honey, that “Couldn’t Bee Better” and educating others on the many benefits of keeping honeybees.

We use no synthetic chemicals in the treatment of our bees and annually replace 33% of the frames used in our apiary. These practices and our organic property full of healthy organic forage for our “bee-girls” produce a very clean, delicious honey other beekeepers envy.

— Jess

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